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DollsVilla by Liliane® in nurseries and at school



by Liliane Limpens January 4, 2022




From April 2022, the DollsVilla will be stationed in the new nursery and after-school care of Kindergarden Vught, at the Taalstraat. In a former manufacturer's house, a Dutch national monument from 1870.



by Liliane Limpens August 2, 2021





A real castle with discovery gardens for the children and also a castle for their dolls/cars in the royal city: the DollsVilla by Liliane® in reservation for a new nursery from Kindergarden: Kasteel de Binckhorst The Hague [national monument near Voorburg]. The opening is planned for December 2021.




by Renée van Kessel-van Maren April 7, 2021






"An online message from Kind en Ziekenhuis drew my attention to the possibility of qualifying for the donation of a DollsVilla by Liliane® for the benefit of children in health care."


"In Hilversum at MEREM they can make good use of the DollsVilla, both in the kindergarten classes of the Mytylschool, and in the Therapeutic Toddler Groups [TPG]. All the people who work there are very kind to the children and the TPG and the MEREM team. do a fantastic job. MEREM has helped our son Seppe so well!".

Renée van Kessel-van Maren, mother of Seppe.

Merem is a diagnostic expertise center for specialist medical (lung) rehabilitation in Hilversum, The Netherlands.



by Kierna Corr on Twitter December 11, 2020 / published website  January 26, 2021



“This beautiful house from @DollsVilla is 14 years old & now we have less tables indoors it is just perfect for the classroom.”

Kierna Corr, nursery teacher The Windmill Integrated Primary School in Dungannon Northern Ireland.



by Liliane Limpens December 16, 2020



Two samples of the DollsVilla by Liliane® leading are currently being assembled in Stuttgart, pending opening of the brandnew 'Kindervilla Kindergarten Killesberg-Park' on January 1, 2021.

'Die Kindervilla' is a private, bilingual nursery, kindergarden and preschool with four locations in Stuttgart.


Die Kindervilla: "Our world moves closer together every day, and we need a common language. This language is English. We want to give your child the solid basis for later. Children understand through own experiences. That’s why we want to give your child the chance to experience and learn the English language from the beginning."



by Silvia Fabro and Liliane Limpens December 1, 2020






Silvia Fabro - Italian product & graphic designer:

Quando si dice "amore a prima vista"! Dollsvilla by Liliane® Limpens [When you say "love at first sight"!] Facebook Fabrodesign August 12, 2020.


Hello Liliane, I am a designer, Montessori by vocation and I think your product is beautiful. I saw the Villa in Milan (Fuorisalone). My favorite job is to design for children and your house is a very beautiful message: gender neutrality and much more. It's so nice to see someone pays attention to the details for children's toys.


Thank you Silvia! Children are in the basement of new lifes, that is why investing in them is so fundamental, a person carries the emo-DNA of the base for a lifetime. Gender neutrality, how nice to define this.


LinkedIn conversation December 1, 2020



by Liliane Limpens November 30, 2020






Cosy Christmas villa’s for the children’s children! To Paris FR, Houston TX US, Stuttgart DE [2], Børsa NO, Aspen US, Rotterdam NL, Mansfield MA US, Assendelft NL, Hamburg DE.


From Mansfield US: “Per our convo, this is a christmas gift for my two daughters. Thanks so much!!! They are going to LOVE this!!!”.


The beloved Dutch design DollsVilla by Liliane® from 1999. To house their most important emotions.



by Liliane Limpens November 19, 2020


SO Kentalis Signis Assendelft TOS






DollsVilla by Liliane® now on its way to the special education of the Royal Kentalis Signis Assendelft, to the students [4–13 years] who are hard of hearing or deaf or have a language development disorder [TOS] or communicative multiple disabilities [cluster 2 education].



by Liliane Limpens October 25, 2020




Brooklyn New York October 25, 2020 – “We bought your dollhouse for our school in the spring of 2017 and we love it. Our goal is to open our online store later this year with a few selected brands. We would love to showcase your beautiful dollhouse on our website."


"The DollsVilla has been part during the grow of our school and we hope it will be part during the grow of our online store. It is our lucky house.” - Prisca Bommeli, La Petite Colline Brooklyn NY


La Petite Colline is a family operated bilingual (French and English) preschool for children between the ages of 1.6 year and 6 years old. Drawing from a Swiss background, the preschool provide a progressive and project-based program. The light-filled classrooms overlooking the Japanese garden reflect the belief (conviction/position/view) that a child’s environment serves as the third teacher. 



by RitzKids July 14, 2020


RitzKidz new online business




RitzKidz: "The DollsVilla by Liliane® Leading is a child-high dolls villa that really gives children the space to play. The large size of the villa ensures that every visitor is welcome. From cuddly toys to Barbie dolls, everyone can find their place in this fantastic house. Who is going to live in your villa? "



RitzKidz: "Liliane's Dolls Villa allows children to manage their own piece of real estate. The four-dimensional dolls villa can be approached from all sides. This ensures that all children playing tell the story together. The villa brings pleasure with empathic development. A real must -have!"


RitzKids: Our company aims to bring 'play' back to the child and the family. The degree of awareness and the use of emotion ensures a very good development of the child. A child's world should consist of more aspects than a screen with pixels.




by Studio Stoerrr June 14, 2020


Studio Stoerrr The Netherlands: Concept story accepted, now further with interior design... here a sneak preview.


The oasis is a place of refuge in the heat of the desert.
Treasures of the Desert Kids Club within the Resort is a place of inspiration and tranquility and a true haven for youngsters within the busy and harsh desert of their lives. Here families can bond, reconnect and grow closer as a unit, while individually growing stronger, wiser, more confident and happier by engaging in the activities programme. 



by Liliane Limpens 21 december 2019


Kindergarden Waterloostraat Rotterdam




A new daycare center, a new out-of-school care center and a DollsVilla by Liliane®: Kindergarden Waterloostraat Rotterdam [Kralingen]. The out-of-school care borders the schoolyard of the Nieuwe Park Rozenburgschool primary school, with which Kindergarden cooperates.


The children of Kindergarden Hilversum, Kindergarden Villa Vondel Amsterdam, Kindergarden Middenweg Amsterdam and Kindergarden Stad Amsterdam have been using the DollsVilla for a little longer, every day!


Kindergarden with 63 Dutch daycare and out-of-school care centers is part of Bright Horizons. In 2017, Kindergarden became the new owner of the seven Amsterdam high-end daycare centers Kinderhonk*****. Founded in 2001 by Susannah van Rabenswaay. The DollsVilla by Liliane® was already in use at various locations [photos].



by Liliane Limpens October 30, 2019


In the Netherlands




The original, handmade DollsVilla by Liliane® from 1997/1998, a design by Liliane Limpens, becomes part of the permanent museum collection of the fairy-tale Museum Children's World [1969] in Roden, near Groningen in the north of the Netherlands. The museum has an impressive collection of old dolls and bears. Children can actively play [together] in the museum café with a second one, a new DollsVilla from the 2019 production series.


Museum curator Mara Bosboom: "This way the children can see the development of a prototype into its final market shape."


In 1969 the Dutch Museum Children's World Foundation in Roden was founded by the Association for Tourist Traffic and the Association of Folk Entertainment. At the same time, in this year an appeal was made via the ANP to the Dutch population to look at toys from the past in the attic. This call was met with mass response and it was the start of a unique collection. Two foundations currently manage the Children's World Toy Museum: Dutch Museum Children's World Foundation and Foundation for preserving the Museum Children's World Collection.


Children's World Museum offers guided tours, a senior package, a package for children's parties and school trips. Teaching material will soon be available, which will enable primary schools to achieve official learning objectives.


by Liliane Limpens  

The national architecture museum Cité de'l'Architecture et du Patrimoine in Paris is holding intensive children’s workshops for schools with three complete versions of the dutch Design DollsVilla by Liliane®.


Cité de'l'Architecture et du Patrimoine | Palais de Chaillot

1 place du Trocadéro et du 11 novembre
75116 - PARIS


by Liliane Limpens September 26, 2019


New primary school in Amsterdam-Noord




Klein Amsterdam will integrate the DollsVilla by Liliane® in its education in the coming period. 'Learning in the gap', a school concept where not the method but the child and his or her individual development are central, in accordance with the dynamics of the 21st century. Inspired by the pedagogical approaches of Reggio Emilia, Loris Malaguzzi and John Dewey. A new primary school with indoor school care.


"Our mission is to create a school as a space in between; a safe shelter, in which school and environment are integrally connected, so that children learn optimally from and with each other, from the neighborhood, city, culture and society."


                            Meis - photo Renate van de Plassche. Amsterdam 25 september 2019


New construction concept for elementary school Klein Amsterdam, through sustainable, movable wooden modules. They are 100% circular.



by Liliane Limpens  September 3, 2019


Primary school for special needs education




In the Lichtenbeek primary school for special needs education in Arnhem, the seconded team of experts 'child rehabilitation' of Klimmendaal rehabilitation work with the DollsVilla. More locations may follow.


The villa is used for interventions by rehabilitation doctors, physician assistants, nurses, occupational therapists, physiotherapists, exercise agogists, haptotherapists, speech therapists, social workers, psychologists, cognitive trainers, orthopedagogues, music therapists, cultural workers, play therapists, spiritual caregivers, manual therapists, psychomotor therapists.


Marieke Kleinschiphorst, manager business operations Child & Youth of Klimmendaal rehabilitation: "At the end of an intensive working day, the children can play freely with the DollsVilla, as a reward!"


Klimmendaal offers children both clinical and outpatient treatment options, individually and in groups. The treatment capacity at Klimmendaal is one of the largest in the Netherlands for them. Outpatient rehabilitation treatment and partial treatments take place at several locations.


Klimmendaal treats various disorders in children and adolescents: General developmental delay, Cerebral Palsy (CP), Chronic eating problems, Developmental Coordination Disorder (DCD), Non-Congenital Brain Injury (NAH), Brain Injury Aftercare, Somatoform complaints, Muscle Diseases and Spina Bifida.



by Liliane Limpens  July 24, 2019


Vacation location on the edge of De Veluwe in The Netherlands




Commissioning of the DollsVilla by Liliane® by the Ronald McDonald Boshuus in Arnhem, holiday apartments for families with a care-intensive child [0 to 25 years old].


Suus Brands, manager Boshuus: "Happy with our DollsVilla! This beautiful dollhouse from DollsVilla by Liliane® has been in our House since today. A beautiful dollshouse where our children can find a place for their own hug or doll."

Elisjawâ Mens: "The boys were immediately busy telling what story they could play."  


by Liliane Limpens  July 16, 2019


Rye Free Reading




Lots of family fun in the garden of the Rye Library New York, gathered around the dutch DollsVilla by Liliane®. A Vehicle Fair, to support the library.


The library began as the dream of a few concerned citizens who met in 1884. They formed a constitution for a new library organization, primarily as a place for young men and boys to recreate and escape the undesirable effects of saloons. In 2003, the gracious new program wing and the expanded children’s room were again largely funded by donations from a community committed to maintaining a library often called the Jewel of Rye.



BY Liliane Limpens April 24, 2019





by Susan Stevens March 27, 2019


Made With Respect - Auckland New Zealand




Another MWR Girlboss, Liliane Limpens © Designer of the DollsVilla by Liliane® shares her inspiration for taking her passion to protect the planet into her business.


"We must learn to be protectors of nature and appreciate everything that it provides us. It is important for young children to be around natural materials, to be able to touch, feel, smell and interact with their unblemished nature."


"I am passionate about introducing children to the wonders of wood through play as this interaction contributes to an awareness of sustainability at a young age. Children are capable of developing a real connection with the products of this earth and we need to encourage that as much as possible for our Planet to thrive."


The DollsVilla by Liliane is a sustainable dolls house, built at a child's height. Made of FSC birch plywood, beech and stainless steel. FSC standards have been developed to protect the forests' biodiversity and ecological processes.

Susan Stevens - founder Made With Respect
LinkedIn March 27, 2019

Made With Respect has been created with a purpose: All the brands fall within our 4 pillars and align with one or more of the following values. MWR is a positive movement, where buying conscious brands is the norm. For a sustainable future for our people on our planet.



by Liliane Limpens March 21, 2019


Nine locations place the DollsVilla by Liliane®




At nine locations* in Dordrecht and Oud-Beijerland, the DollsVilla by Liliane® does its utmost every day to support a very important priority of SDK Childcare: contributing to the children's enjoyment! Well, that actually goes without saying with the villa, just being in their neighborhood... New fairy tales and new friendships arise, nasty experiences are lived through and new miracles happen, future dreams take shape in images and language.


SDK: "We want to thrive, sparkle, be really good at what we do! Child growth requires strong roots of safety and stability. Every child naturally has the urge to develop in a playful way and therefore we offer them a promising play environment."


* Childcare centre Toermalijn | extracurricular childcare De Klimboom | childcare centre Kraaiennest | childcentre Groenland | childcare centre and afterschool care Sam Sam | childcare centre De Poolberen | childcentre Dubbeldam | childcare centre Mulo Burgt | extracurricular childcare location Vest.



by Liliane Limpens February 12, 2019


Language class for refugee children De Zonnewijzer Roermond




"Our Language Class has been extended with a DollsVilla by Liliane® since September 2018. What an asset it is! Both young and old can be amused by the different possibilities of the PoppenVilla."


"There are children who have not yet had any education in their native country, and this often causes them to have a hard time acquiring the new language. It requires a lot of creativity from the teacher and the children to make them part of the group, so they can actively participate in the classroom. The DollsVilla is a great invention to involve everyone in the process."

Development of the children by the DollsVilla by Liliane®:
  Social emotional development
  Spatial awareness
  Play development
  Extension vocabulary
  Working attitude

"The language grows tremendously throughout the DollsVilla by Liliane®, children play with both dolls and cars, so that they tell each other what they are doing. For example, the themes such as the home, interior and exterior and family are greatly expanded by the DollsVilla. Through the touch and the experience children learn what happens in the Netherlands. Unfortunately, many children in our language class miss the Dutch language at home because parents can not speak it. Because of the DollsVilla and the play that is being organized, they also learn to talk with the dolls in Dutch at home."


"You can notice that the DollsVilla has been well thought out, everything at the villa is solidly built and playable for the children. And there is also the option for the children to remodel the house as they would like. A very nice goal of Liliane who in this way beautifully commited to the language of refugee children in the Netherlands."

Teacher Manon Waltmans | Language Class
Primary School De Zonnewijzer Roermond


by Liliane Limpens October 4, 2018




I must tell you, that we are so happy with your beautiful and popular DollsVilla by Liliane®, that we would like to order another one to one of our other libraries J".


“One of our best investments since 2010 - the DollsVilla by

Liliane® has great play value for children.”
Jette Hussmann Faerber | Børnebibliotekar Afdeling Oplevelse
Tanja Clausen | Børnebibliotekar Søborg Biblioteket Gladsaxe.
Helsingør Biblioteket Kulturværftet.


by Diana Patchett June 14, 2018


Little Doves Early Learning Centre Kristin School New Zealand




"The fabulous DollsVilla by Liliane® is the jewel in the crown of our Little Doves Early Learning Centre, Auckland, New Zealand."

Diana Patchett | Junior School Principal of the Kristin School New Zealand [formerly] | Executive Principal at St Margaret's College, Christchurch.


The order is another result of the Dutch Royal Trade Mission to Australia and New Zealand in November 2016.



The Kristin School is one of the New Zealand's leading independent schools, a co-educational school of approximately 1620 students from Kindergarten through to Year 13. The first school in New Zealand authorised to teach the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme (IB PYP).




by Liliane Limpens May 30, 2018




"As a school, we are extremely pleased with the fantastic DollsVilla by Liliane®. Lots of children play with it on a daily basis."

On behalf of the whole team of Primary School Kleur-Rijk, Kristie Zeetsen.


“I recently observed the DollsVilla by Liliane® at two locations. Children play beautifully with the DollsVilla. And I have also seen excellent play guidance.”

Geke Dijkstra, Educational adviser young children 0 – 6 in the north of The Netherlands [LinkedIn].




by Melanie Dowling May 10, 2018




Announcement at the lending desk in the Greenwich Library in New York: "TRY OUR COOL NEW DOLLSHOUSE! Keep all furniture inside the house and tidy up before you leave! We have dolls available to (responsibly) borrow - ask a librarian."


The purchase by the Greenwich Library New York is a result of the work of Melanie Dowling, business developer DollsVilla by Liliane® USA.



by Liliane Limpens | September 9, 2017


Kindergarden Stad Amsterdam




The nurseries of Kindergarden belong undeniably among the finest in the world. The meticulous design of the nurseries exude tranquility and quality and respect. Children can really switch off of turbulence here and can partake of many recreational experiences. Breathtaking.


DollsVilla by Liliane® in the Kindergarden Stad, near the Royal Theatre Carré Amsterdam.


door  Liliane Limpens 27 juni 2017  

“The refugees-children of the language class at our elementary school are very happy with the DollsVilla by Liliane®” – Natasja Hoegee | Coordinator and teacher Taalklas Houten The Netherlands.




by Liliane Limpens May 23, 2017


New market-entry in the Hospitality United Arab Emirates




After a feel and experience period with two samples of the DollsVilla’s by Liliane® the Grand Hyatt Hotel Dubai is so excited that she likes to own and permanently offer the villa's to her junior guests. Children can play with each other for many hours in the Kidz Club and in the brunch restaurant of the Grand Hyatt, even if they can not communicate in the word languages.


“Congratulations with the amazing concept of the DollsVilla by Liliane®” - Rutu Tawde, manager of the Spa and Kidz Club of the Grand Hyatt Dubai.


Victor Omondi | manager The Kidz Club & Spa Operations: "The Kidz Club is proud to present the latest addition for the kids.... DollsVilla by Liliane's life size Dollhouse! The child high #DollsVilla is a sustainable #dollhouse on wheels for children and their most cherish toy cars and dolls!"


This purchase by the Grand Hyatt Dubai is a result of the Dutch Health Mission to Abu Dhabi and Dubai April 3 – 7, 2017.



by Liliane Limpens


Gezinshuis 2getR Rucphen The Netherlands




The DollsVilla tops the quality list, according to Ineke en Ingrid Stemfoort: "We worked as primary school teachers and over 20 years we have seen lots of play equipment. However, this beautiful, thoughtful, decent DollsVilla by Liliane® tops our quality list !!".



by Liliane Limpens February 2, 2017


Twice for the first time




USA Scoop². For the first time a DollsVilla by Liliane®  leaves for New York, after San Francisco, California [et alia]. And for the first time the DollsVilla makes her entrance in a US-nursery. Thanks to the kids’ design - distributor Moon Picnic.


Children of the beautiful Le Petit Cervin in Brooklyn NY - play | live with all your heart!




by Liliane Limpens August 20, 2016


Nursery Small | district of The Hague in The Netherlands




Lionel Messi and his dogs just arrived - from Barcelona - in the DollsVilla by Liliane® for an excellent night's sleep. Located in the beautiful, new nursery Small | district of The Hague in The Netherlands.



by Liliane Limpens April 30, 2015


Economic mission Poland






The British International School in Warsaw acquires a DollsVilla by Liliane® for her children from 2½ to 7 years. The acquisition is a result of a economic delegation, which had taken place in June 2014 in parallel with the state visit of King Willem-Alexander and Queen Maxima.


The head of the Early Years Centre of the British International School commented that innovation and top quality are decisive in the selection of new acquisitions for the kids at school: “We are always looking for top-quality and innovative objects for the children of our school. Parents pay a lot and this is a way to show to them that their investments are worth it.”


The British International School in Warsaw is part of Nord Anglia Education, a worldwide leader in providing high quality, innovative education to thousands of students across the globe. Supported and directed by a team of educational experts, Nord Anglia Education’s Schools are located in Asia, USA, Europe and the Middle East. 



by Liliane Limpens August 19, 2013  
Kierna Corr | Nursery teacher | Windmill Integrated  
Primary School Tyrone N. Ireland  

"I am lucky enough to have one of your houses in school, love it 7 years on & still as good as new. We love ours a lot!"



by Liliane Limpens


Elisa Spaander, the contact person for Out of school care says: "When we provide tours to educational professionals who are thinking about setting up an Out of School Child Care Centre, their eyes light up when they see the DollsVilla by Liliane®. Our children love to play with the DollsVilla by Liliane®, it encourages interaction among the children. And it's extremely durable: after almost a year of daily use, all the parts are still intact."



by Liliane Limpens




Janneke Meijsen, a teacher at a primary school: "The DollsVilla by Liliane® is incredibly popular. During every free lesson the home [that is what I call it, because it makes it more attractive to the little boys] is always occupied by two to three children. Whenever the children are given free playtime, at least two or three children line up for the villa. The kids love it!!! My compliments."



by Liliane Limpens




Hanneke Jansen, working at the nursery Toermalijn | MIK Maastricht: "The DollsVilla by Liliane® had its first overhaul just yesterday. After zeven years there was just one loose wheel. Otherwise everything else is perfectly intact, despite children playing with it very intensively. The DollsVilla by Liliane® is hugely popular. Here at the Out of School Centre, children can choose between three rooms, and the room with the DollsVilla by Liliane® is almost always the winner!"



by Liliane Limpens




Do toys actually deliver to child care centres what the manufacturers promise? Every month the trade journal for the day-care sector publishes a short survey in which day-care centre staff review toys or playground equipment.


Staff: "Children from four to about six or seven years of age play with the DollsVilla by Liliane® a lot. Boys play with the villa too. They use it as a garage for their cars. The villa looks great and the kids can access it from all sides. Toddlers love it too. They play with the building itself and the furniture rather than the dolls. The accessories from the villa are also used in other kinds of games. Sometimes the villa is used as a climbing frame. It is sturdy enough. So it’s thumbs up all around. At first, we were afraid it would be too big – but because it’s easily movable, it’s never really in the way." 


Magazine editor Marike Vroom: "LILIANE is highly recommended for out of school care. Pre-schoolers also enjoy it. The DollsVilla by Liliane® is beautifully finished and its design is sound and sturdy.”



by Liliane Limpens




Dutch Foundation for Child Day-Care Centres | SKON: "The DollsVilla by Liliane® is included in the basic inventory for extracurricular day-care centres. While the villa might at first seem expensive, it is typically an item of furniture for playing with that distinguishes SKON. Children don't have this at home."



by Liliane Limpens




The 10 Italian branches of schoolsupplier LUDO VICO  have started to sell the villa to nurseries and elementary schools: "We are enthusiastic. Visitors like the DollsVilla by Liliane® so much and they really appreciate both the design and the quality."



by Liliane Limpens




'PLAYING HOUSE: The DollsVilla by Liliane® from ASCO is large enough for several children to play with at the same time'.



by Liliane Limpens April 10, 2013

Das ideale Puppenhaus für jede Kindertagesstätte  



Silke Hüchel-Steinbach | Tagesstättenleiterin:

"Ich finde:  

 PuppenVilla® by Liliane - das ideale Puppenhaus für jede Kindertagesstätte.


■  Spielbegeisterung bei Jungen und Mädchen und allen Altersklassen.


 Mobil einsetzbar im ganzen Haus.


Qualität, die Langlebigkeit verspricht, machen den Preis - auch bei knappen Budget - vertretbar."



by Liliane Limpens 2003




In 2003, the director of ASCO Educational Supplies in the UK, Tom Marshall, said: "Yesterday we delivered our first DollsVilla by Liliane® here in Leeds. As it was a local customer we agreed to assemble the villa for them. It is the first time I have assembled one and I just want to say that I am very impressed with the way it fitted together, the clarity of the instructions and the quality of the finished article. The customer is one of a major chain of nurseries and they were absolutely delighted with it."

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